Who We Are

Conaniah Designs is a design studio for special brides who want to be their own designer. We help you achieve your most special bridal look, within budget. Why should your dream wedding gown break the bank?
Our company began
inmenswear, and expanded to women’s resort wear. When asked to create a gown for a special occasion, we branched out further into bridal wear. Our full range of bridal servicesinclude wedding dresses, as well as other garments for events leading up to the wedding day and after. Bridal lingerie is our next project.
Conaniah Designs is a boutique based in the U.S. We pride ourselves on giving you
thebest personalized service. We provide customized bridal gown experiences, at off-the- rack prices. Custom-made wedding dress can fit your budget. No design is too small, or too big to create. Bring your imagination. We have the skills to suit your needs and your budget.